Whilst our current Terms and Conditions still apply to all bookings, we understand that guests are concerned about how the Coronavirus will affect their holiday and we will do our best to help you. We are working hard to make Rose View Cabin Covid compliant in order to provide as safe an environment as is reasonably possible. We hope this information will help reassure you and if you require further clarification, please email us on or call Alyson +44 (0) 7380 278 004   / Gareth +44 (0) 7380 273 505


Travel Responsibly

This is particularly important following the recent Coronavirus pandemic. You must:

1. Follow Government guidelines - Both Welsh and your country of residence. These are likely to change, but it is up to you to check and abide by any stipulations about travel restrictions, party size or social distancing rules.

1.1. Call us on 07725 993966 Stay at home and do not travel to the property if you are displaying symptoms or have tested positive for Coronavirus. 


What should I do if I or one of my party feels unwell during my stay at the property?

2. Contact us to let us know

2.1.Follow Government advice and apply for a test by calling the free number 119 or  if the symptoms are Coronavirus related. 

2.2.If you are confirmed to have COVID-19 you will need to vacate the property and return to your own home if you are requested to do so by the owner or any official body. If you are unable to return home (not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport) and you end up staying at the property to isolate you will be liable to pay for any extension to your stay and any affected booking which need to be cancelled as a result.

2.3. Assist NHS Contact Test and trace by providing data if requested to help contain clusters or outbreaks.


Can I amend my booking as a result of the Coronavirus?

If you are unable to travel as a result of Government advice, a track and trace restriction on your travel or because you or anyone in your party is suffering from Coronavirus and would like to amend your booking, please email us on to discuss further. We may be in the position to rearrange your existing booking to a later date. However,if there is a difference in the price of the new holiday date you will be required to pay the difference. 


What we are doing to ensure you have a safe stay and enjoyable holiday at Rose View Cabin

1. Under the 'new normal' here are some of the key changes. Firstly, we are ensuring that the property will be cleaned and sanitised to the Covid ready guidelines from PASC UK, the AA, We're Good to Go, and visit England. We have also undertaken Covid compliant recommendations and have produced a risk assessment which shows we have tried to reduce the risk as reasonably practical which can be seen on request.

1.1. To comply with Government guidelines and to allow the maximum time between check out and check in, departure time and arrival times have been moved to 0900 and 1700 respectively. 

1.2. Cleaners will be following a fit for work, cleaning check-list and using a stringent 2 step process of cleaning and sanitising all surfaces, soft furnishings and high traffic areas and touch points (ie. light switches, remotes, taps, handes, key safe buttons, kettles etc). This is then followed by misting the property with disinfectant after every guest.

1.3.In order to reduce risk of infection by social distancing, we are providing all visitor pre-arrival information, user manuals, Wifi code, contact numbers and key safe pin code by email instead of a paper visitor book in the property.

1.4. We  have Implemented contactless check-in and departure (sanitised keys between each guest) to be left in the key safe

1.5. Remember the best way to stay safe is to regularly wash your hands with the antibacterial hand sanitiser provided in the property and use of hand sanitiser at the entrance. Be rigorous in following social distancing when out in public.

1.6. We ask guests on departure to strip the bedding themselves and bag up along with towels.

1.7. All bed linen, towels, mattress, pillow protectors, bath mats & tea towels will be washed at 60 degrees.

1.8. We ask guests to ventilate the property on departure by opening the windows to allow fresh air to circulate and to air the property during their stay.

1.9. We ask guests to use the relevant recycle bins at the side of the property and any our recycled rubbish to be bagged up and deposited in the black waste bin.

2.0 We run all kitchen ware ie. glassware, plates, cutlery through the dishwasher between each guest.


We strongly recommend taking out holiday insurance to cover you if you are unable to take the holiday for any reason.

In accordance with Visit Wales advice, we recommend you do not visit Wales until it is safe to do so.

We will continue to update all policies in accordance with Welsh Government guidelines.

Terms & Conditions (COVID-19)